Affordable Housing Zone, Faringdon

Affordability without compromise.

A Special Housing Area zoning presented the opportunity to create a new suite of affordable homes in our popular neighbourhood, Faringdon. Whilst we initially sought to outsource the design and build process, we realised that the best way to achieve the quality and standard we envisioned was to take on the project ourselves.

We engaged an architect with a clear brief: to economise as much as possible while creating high quality, comfortable homes with an enduring style. The solution was to create two home designs with alternating gable orientations. Homes were strategically placed around parks and reserve areas so residents could enjoy easy access to recreation despite the titles’ small footprints.

We have been delighted with the uptake of these homes, which have attracted buyers from all walks of life. From young families to retirees and everything in between, this new offering adds to the vibrancy of the whole neighbourhood.

To us at Hughes Developments, it’s further proof that architecture really does matter. With talented designers and a great team, small budgets and great outcomes can go hand in hand.

  • Metrics
  • 50 new affordable homes
  • 10% of a 500 home block
  • Late 2020 completion
  • $416K maximum purchase price per home
  • Highlights
  • Homes are designed to be enjoyable to live in and easy to maintain
  • The project creates affordable housing in the area, without compromising other home values
  • These 50 homes make up 10% of a new 500 home block; all are standalone homes on freehold titles