CDC Pharmaceuticals

A temperate, secure and bright warehouse for specialty storage.

CDC is a pharmaceuticals distribution company. We were recommended to them in light of their need for a new warehouse facility. A strong relationship with the company was forged, which resulted in a commission for this design build project.

Pharmaceutical storage demands stringent care particularly around security and temperature control. Despite its massive size, air-conditioning and insulation was installed in the warehouse to ensure temperature was regulated throughout the space. We also needed to ensure a specific lux level was achieved at all shelving heights to enable workers to read the labels correctly when picking stock.

Located near the airport, the warehouse is a model of efficiency, with a design fit for purpose.

  • Metrics
  • 4000m²
  • Highlights
  • Achieved specific lux levels and temperature control throughout the warehouse space
  • Site chosen by the client near the airport precinct
  • Design incorporated a mix of office space alongside warehouse storage