A quickly established suburb that continues to grow and evolve

Located in Rolleston, Faringdon is our biggest subdivision to date and Christchurch’s largest planned community. It features 1500+ fully serviced sections across a range of densities, supported by a host of amenities and ample green space.

Faringdon’s success has been facilitated by our vertically integrated approach. From the outset we identified the Selwyn region as a high-growth opportunity. We purchased the land, achieved the required rezoning, managed the development through 19 stages (and counting) and took it to market with great success.

Faringdon has it all – fibre optics broadband, reticulated gas and architecturally landscaped boulevards and reserves. Ideally located and with an affordable price tag for a wide range of buyers, the demand for sections has been phenomenal. We halved our expected sell down of the first 1000 lots from 10 years to just under 5 years, and continue to build upon our success in the area.


  • Metrics
  • 1500 lots
  • 250 - 885m²
  • Highlights
  • Sales of approximately 200 sections per year for the last 5 years
  • Negotiated with local and central government to achieve the first housing accord in the district
  • Continued success through adaptation to constantly evolving market demand