Gainsborough & Halkett Grove

Putting West Melton on the map

Gainsborough and Halkett Grove are adjoining developments in West Melton, on the western outskirts of Christchurch. Previously undeveloped, the area came to our attention as a highly desirable location that could command a premium price point. The idea of Gainsborough was born – a place where people could build their dream homes on large semi-rural sections.

One of the keys to unlocking this opportunity was the ability to provide servicing. At the time, there was no sewage treatment facility in West Melton. This was resolved by building a 10 km sewer main through to Rolleston. We took on the risk and responsibility, completing the pipeline ourselves before finally vesting it with the council.

Having seeded demand in the area, we saw the opportunity to continue development. Halkett Grove was created out of recognition that people want individuality. Instead of simply expanding Gainsborough, we created a second, unique development that would complement rather than compete.

  • Metrics
  • 204 lots
  • 1200 - 5200m²
  • Highlights
  • Unlocked the area’s potential through rezoning and servicing development
  • Constructed a sewer pipeline and put in reticulated gas to all 204 sections
  • Created demand for high-value housing, priced up to $1.5M
  • Effectively doubled the size of the West Melton township