Izone Southern Business Hub

The largest industrial park in the South Island.

The Izone Southern Business Hub is a large scale industrial park situated just south of Christchurch. This fully masterplanned, greenfield development provides manufacturing, warehousing and logistics centres for over 70 companies. It also includes a rail siding and an inland port.

Owned in its entirety by the Selwyn District Council, we were engaged to take this visionary project from concept through to viable development. We developed the site in stages and set about attracting leading businesses to cement the desirability of the location. A central driver of the design was the creation of an environment that fosters a healthy work / life balance. This was achieved through the incorporation of walkways, attractive landscaping, communal spaces and service centres.

With a tenant list that includes The Warehouse, Westland Milk Products, Solid Energy and PGG Wrightson and a daily workforce in the thousands, Izone is at the forefront of contemporary industrial park design.


  • Metrics
  • 188ha
  • Highlights
  • Home to 70 businesses and counting
  • Designed a green landscaped environment against which future owners and tenants can benchmark their operations
  • Incorporates a 15ha inland port servicing Lyttelton and Timaru Ports