Once a greenfield, now a fully-fledged suburb.

The first masterplanned residential subdivision in Christchurch, Northwood represents a host of firsts – not just for Hughes Developments, but for all of New Zealand.

The many innovations we embarked upon included rezoning to allow for mixed densities, construction of two-storied terraced housing, a no resell clause to protect buyers, and the first showhome village concept. Furthermore we created distinct precincts within the one subdivision enabling us to offer a range of price points and fresh marketing ideas.

While each of these innovations was initially received with skepticism, the market quickly saw the value in what we were creating. Once new, these practices have now become standard in subdivision development throughout New Zealand.

The unexpectedly fast sell-down and continued desirability of the area is testament to the creative thinking and forward planning that went into this legacy project.

  • Metrics
  • 1000 lots
  • 280 - 1000m²
  • Highlights
  • Halved the expected 15 year sell down, with complete sell out in just 7 years
  • Quoted as a model project in the Auckland market and throughout New Zealand
  • Successfully paved the way for mixed density subdivisions – a New Zealand 1st