PGG Wrightson

Built upon enduring foundations.

PGG Wrightson engaged Hughes Developments to design and construct a new seed store and office. As part of their business plan they wanted to lease rather than own the building. In response to their brief we identified a site within the Izone industrial park, designed it, built it, and then delivered it to the Selwyn District Council as a complete investment package.

The floor of the warehouse was a significant consideration in the design. The client stores large volumes of seed and uses forklifts to access the heavy stock. We had to ensure that the standard of floor finish was very high. The solution was a post-tension slab which is extremely durable and can withstand considerable weight.

Access and completion thresholds were achieved ahead of programme, which meant the client achieved a virtually seamless transition into its new facility in terms of manufacturing and dispatch commitments. Furthermore, the building proved to be a sound investment for the Council.

  • Metrics
  • 8050m²
  • Highlights
  • High-stud warehouse with state-of-the-art refrigeration
  • Provided for pits and slab thickenings to accommodate manufacturing plant
  • Co-ordinated construction around the client’s disestablishment from previous properties